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Welcome to The Cancer Blog, dedicated to speeding up progress in cancer care.

If you play a role in helping improve the lives and prospects of cancer patients, we hope you will follow us and join the conversation. Here is why:

  • Opportunities to make a real difference to cancer patients are being missed because our efforts are too fragmented.
  • The explosion in scientific knowledge and information will deliver more and faster for patients when we all work more effectively together to reach patient-centred goals.
  • Better communication and collaboration is needed between all of us involved in researching, developing, regulating and evaluating new therapies and diagnostics, and in organising, planning and delivering care.

This blog is a place for conversations that can lead to the collaboration and change that is so urgently needed.

Why us?

Promoting a more joined-up approach to improving the lives and prospects of cancer patients has been a hallmark of ESO since we were founded in 1982.

We have a wide reach. We have strong roots among Europe’s cancer clinicians, thousands of whom have attended ESO training courses, and we have developed strong relations with the wider cancer community through Cancer World and also through joint work for instance in the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer and the World Oncology Forum.

Communicating across boundaries is what we do. For the past 10 years our magazine, Cancer World, has offered a unique platform for exploring some of the most tricky and intractable challenges in cancer from a wide range of perspectives.

We have commitment and resources. The Cancer Blog will be produced by ESO’s media team – journalists who explore the science and the humanity of cancer and the strategy and organisation of efforts to combat it. We have developed a wide pool of contacts, and are focused on providing coverage of people and stories that makes a real difference to patients and survivors. We will also feature regular comments and guest posts from leading voices from the cancer community.

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We also welcome guest blog posts. If you have a topic you would like to write about, please send your post to Corinne Hall – chall@eso.net You can find our guidelines here – How to write a blog

Please follow us, and we will follow you, so together we can promote more inclusive and interactive discussion about how to achieve our shared goals.