“Voices” – a new home of debate

If you’ve noticed that there haven’t been many posts on the Cancer Blog recently, there is a good reason. We’re now posting in the new “Voices” section of the Cancer World website. Please go and have a look. Like the Cancer Blog, the Voices section provides lively viewpoints and analysis from a wide range of people working in, and affected by, cancer.

This blog began nearly three years ago – a spin-off to the European School of Oncology’s Cancer World magazine. Our aim was to provide a regular showcase for opinion that could lead to the conversation, collaboration and change that is so urgently needed in cancer.

Fifty four posts later, that aim – intrinsic to Cancer World – remains. But in recent years the Cancer World website has grown and flourished, and it now seems entirely appropriate that this should be the home of debate, providing a showcase for cancer voices – whether they belong to doctors, researchers, patients, advocates or policy makers.

So we hope you’ll continue to follow us at our new home – and contribute posts too by emailing us your ideas to staff@cancerworld.net

In order to stay up to date with our posts in “Voices, news from the Cancer World website and details of Cancer World articles we invite you to subscribe to our Cancer World Newsletter. Let the conversation continue…

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